Architectures without place


Architectures without place 1968/2008

Catalogue + dvd

Generalitat de Catalunya. Department of Culture and the Media
Arts Santa Mònica
COAC – Catalan Architects Association
FAD – Foment de les Arts i el Disseny
Curators: Antonio Pizza, Ramon Faura, Santi Ibarra

3 Editions: English, Catalan, panish / Size: 165 x 235 mm / Pages: 288 / Cover: flexible with flaps / Paperbound / CMYK + 1 direct ink

With the collaboration of Celia Marín
DVD & website programming: Luis Moreno – Plekto

ArquitecturesSenseLloc01 ArquitecturesSenseLloc02 ArquitecturesSenseLloc03 ArquitecturesSenseLloc04 ArquitecturesSenseLloc05 ArquitecturesSenseLloc06 ArquitecturesSenseLloc07 ArquitecturesSenseLloc08 ArquitecturesSenseLloc09 ArquitecturesSenseLloc10 ArquitecturesSenseLloc11 ArquitecturesSenseLloc12 ArquitecturesSenseLlocDVDWeb